The Beautiful Charisma Condos

Charisma Condos Vaughan is situated at Rutherford Road and Jane Street. The condos are situated in the heart of Toronto and neighbours Canada’s most popular landmarks Vaughan Mills and Canada’s wonderland. These are stylish and highly sophisticated condos with state of art interior design choreographed to set new trends in the city.

The Condos allows for easy access to shopping havens, local merchants and big chains where you can buy anything ranging from household utensils to machinery. Charisma condos are designed by award winning architects from Greenpark Homes

Charisma condos in Vaughan

Project Overview

Charisma condos are certainly magnificent choices for families. The condominiums come with a private balcony and give owners the opportunity to enjoy doing what they like most at their private balcony.

They also allow the owner to have an aerial view of the city from the balcony. Most of the storeys have 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, which make them ideal for guests. You have an option of buying the units and convert it into a home or rent it out to people who visit Charisma area. Get a chance to enjoy using a well-equipped fitness room, arcade, hot tub, sauna and a pavilion. People looking for a place where they can relax will certainly find renting your condo fulfilling. Choose to invest in Charisma condos and enjoy a vast infrastructure found in this area. The infrastructure includes the major highways, subway stations, airports, recreational facilities and many more. Grab this opportunity and be part of the most ambitious developments in the city.

Why Develop Interest in the Charisma Condos

One of the reasons why everyone is getting interested in these units are many and varied. First, this 24 storeys are revitalizing the landscape in the entire Vaughan area. In addition, the condos are located at the centre of a wide range of amenities such as schools, shopping and entertainment centres. The area is served with the new TTC subway and offers vibrancy which can only be found in the most developed cities.

Features and Amenities

Charisma condos feature a wide range of amenities ranging from decks, recreational facilities and public transportation. In fact, the condos have been designed to deliver a stylish living to the inhabitants. These are ideal units for a modern lifestyle and you will get a premium residence at a price that willactually surprise you.

Among the features you will have full access to and enjoy in this modern condos


  •  Spacious patios and gardens
  •  Granite countertops
  •  Secure parking lot
  •  Laminated flooring
  •  High vaulted ceilings
  •  Stainless appliances
  •  Custom lighting
  • Energy saving electrical appliances

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